Tri-Fit Conditioning with Vaughan Ebrahim

My Tri-Fit conditioning class every Friday morning at 9.30 at ASTC is not cardio or an exercise class with a racket in your hand, it is a coaching class that gets you fit for purpose, the purpose being more efficient and effective movement and more authentic ball striking.

The warm-up routines, drills, and games teach and allow you to practice the movements, tactics, and techniques that will enable you to play your best tennis.

The drop in rate is £7.50 or you can book blocks of 4 at £24 or 6 at £30. It is best to use the blocks weekly but you can spread them out up to a maximum of 12 weeks. These sessions are open to all.

Being fit to play tennis has taken on a whole new resonance at the top of the game over the last six months, which Murray's decision to pull out of the Australian Open, only serves to underline.

It's achingly clear that you need a level of fitness to play this game, whatever your ability, to get the most out of it, achieve your goals and play on for as long as you want without play interrupting injury.

See my article attached: What is a sustainable level of fitness for your tennis"

To book drop-ins or blocks contact me at or phone/text 07749 474876. You can also use these contact details to find out if classes are weather affected.

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