New Squash Doubles League

Dear Squash Players, We have added a new squash doubles league to the mycourts system that is available to all squash players. Squash doubles has always been a feature of the yearly tournaments but never before has it been part of the leagues. The initial league position has been put together based upon the doubles partnerships in the yearly tournaments. This however unlike the singles league can be changed so if you would like to form a new doubles partnerships or indeed change existing partnerships this can and will be done within the current league. The doubles league will be played over 3 months and repeated every quarter throughout the year. This works out as a game a month as getting 4 people together is always a challenge. As doubles takes longer generally than a singles game the scoring and format has been shaped to fit with the court bookings. American scoring to 21 points 3 games off scratch, no handicaps Sudden death at 20/20 no 2 points clear option If you want to join the doubles league or change your partner then please email or speak to Steve Axford at the club.

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