Articles of Association

The Board, who look after the club buildings and land, would like to invite all members to an open meeting on Thursday, 15th March 2018 at the club, commencing at 7:00pm until 8:30pm.

This will be an open meeting where members can arrive at any time during this period and may discuss any issues they have regarding the proposed new Articles of Association with the Board.

All the information regarding the new Articles of Association has been sent last year to members:-

a) Information sheets (including FAQ)

b) Notes of the main issues and areas of discussion and updates

c) E-mails and face-to-face detailed discussions with individual members

d) Open meeting and member survey

These were all arrived at by shaping the AoA to meet the preferences of the majority of members.

Unfortunately, at the AGM last October, the resolution to update the AoA was not passed. (72% votes in favour, however, 75% votes in favour were needed to adopt the proposal)

There is a widespread acceptance of the need to update the existing Articles (written in 1966, based on the 1948 Companies Act) and to assist members to make up their minds a further document has been written showing arguments for and against Clause 5, the winding up process, which appears to be the main area of contention. The Board will be asking for members’ preferences at the open meeting.

This winding up document together with a number of other key documents including the current proposed new AoA can be read and downloaded from the website by visiting the Club Filing Cabinet and clicking on the ASRC Ltd AoA button or just click the image below.

The Board will then decide the way forward with the new proposal of AoA and organise an EGM in April where members will be able to vote.

The Board would appreciate as many members as possible attend the meeting, especially those who did not come to the last one, so that we have a greater feel for the views of the majority of members.

The Board looks forward to seeing you at the meeting and we would emphasise that the decision with the new AoA is a very important one for the future safeguard of the club.

Norman Thomas

Chairman – Ashtead Squash Rackets Club Limited

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