Bar Refurbishment

The new carpet is 99% complete with just the stairs to finish. This should see the Club looking in pretty good shape and certainly much fresher, with just the last detail of some new blinds to be fitted within the next couple of weeks.

You will see that we have some new wooden seated stools in the bar area by Court 1, which we have dubbed “the wet bar”. As you will see, the old bar stools and chairs have now been re-upholstered in a faux suede material to integrate with the new colour scheme. Whilst this material is durable and wipeable, may we please ask that if you come off court and need to sit and cool off before showering and changing that you use the wooden seated stools for this purpose. 

Please do not be offended if you are politely asked to “move wet bottoms” to the "wet bar area":)

#bararearefurbishment #newwetbar

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