Jeremy Colton (ES Level 4)

Jeremy runs JCSquash and is the Head Squash & Squash 57 Coach at Ashtead Squash & Tennis Club.


He has a wealth of experience working with players from club level to county, regional and beyond. In 2019 he completed his Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Squash Coaching and become an England Squash Level 4 High Performance Coach.


He is currently a Regional coach and an Aspire coach for the South of England.

Jeremy leads the coaching programme at Ashtead Squash & Tennis Club and is available for individual and small group lessons starting at £28 for 45 minutes.

Ella Frankland (ES level 2)

Ella is Assistant Coach at Ashtead Squash & Tennis Club.

She is an England Squash Level 2 coach trained to deliver the technical and tactical requirements of squash to juniors and adults at beginner and intermediate level.


Ella is available for individual and group lessons starting at £20 per 45 minutes.