The Club can trace it origins back to the late 1930’s when it started with just two squash courts, but with a very enthusiastic membership that were committed to furthering the inclusion of squash in the local community. Click ‘here’ to view a comprehensive history of our Club, courtesy of one of our longest serving members, David Mountain. There were a number of significant turning points during the Club’s long journey: The addition of two more squash courts, the bar area, two tennis courts and lastly, as recently as mid October 2020, our Padel court.




Can a non member come and try out some of the sports?

Yes, we positively encourage non members to visit the Club and try out any of our racket sports.

How can I join your Club?

Please see the membership section which details all types of membership.

Can I join just one section of your Club?

Yes, there are several options of membership, please see the membership section for further details.

Can my children become members?

Yes, we have very strong junior membership categories, please see the membership section for further details.

I do not play sport, but I would like to use the bar/TV area of the Club?

The social section of the Club is very important and a vibrant part of the Club. New members are most welcome for an annual membership fee of just £37. See membership section for further details.

My daughter is a junior member, can I play sports at your Club?

Yes, junior members can bring their parents along and play racket sports, providing a guest fee is paid, for a maximum of six times. A parent can join as an associate member enabling them to play with their child/junior only. See membership section for further details.

I play golf and would very much like to join the golf society?

You can join as a social member (£37 per annum) and be included in the golf society.

Do you have coaching facilities?

Yes, we have coaches for Squash, Racketball, Tennis and Padel

My son is keen to take part in the dance classes at the Club, does he have to be a member?

No, the dance classes are run independently from Club membership. Please click here for JoCo Dance Theatre Arts.